“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”

What to Expect from Yoga:

The body and mind work and act as one integrated system. Our thoughts instantly affect our muscle tension, breathing, feelings and more, and these in turn affect our thoughts.

With yoga, self-awareness develops; we learn to manage our minds by way of our breath and body, bringing more peace and harmony into our daily lives. As we get stronger and more flexible ‘in body’ we begin to feel the same ‘in mind’ – developing an easy natural confidence.

Yoga is for everyone and all that is required of you is the curiosity of mind with an open heart to explore the benefits this ancient self-care system brings.

What to Expect from the Yoga Class:


Email lynn@bodywiseyoga.co.uk to book onto a yoga course. One to One yoga sessions are also available.

“This yoga class has outstripped all my expectations, it is good for me in so many ways and I really enjoy it." ~ Dawn

Class numbers are limited (6 maximum) in order to give you the space and attention required

To work in bare feet or non-slip socks     

 A  class format that provides a complete body workout

 A deep sense of relaxation